Taking on Jimmy Spithill at sea

Taking on Jimmy Spithill at sea

When Vodafone asked us to help them demonstrate the reliability and speed of their new 4G network, and at the same time create a Vodafone “first” to fit with an international campaign that enables people to do extraordinary things for the first time - we hatched quite a plan.

We decided to give one lucky Kiwi the chance to go head to head with the Ozzy who beat us to the America’s Cup, the infamous Jimmy Spithill. They’d be racing Team Vodafone’s 60ft Trimaran from a helicopter, using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as a remote control.

But for such an important task, we needed to first locate a capable and intrepid soul. So we developed an online sailing game that let Kiwis practice their skills in live wind conditions, and vie for what was to be the ultimate showdown. Competition was fierce, seeing the game clock up 60,000 mobile plays.

The amazing story of the Kiwi who battled Jimmy Spithill was watched 60,000 times online in the first 24 hours alone. Watch the action unfold below. 

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