Our people are far and away our most cherished asset at True. Since we opened our doors in 2011, we’ve gathered around 40 incredibly talented individuals who bring with them a diverse pool of skills and personalities.

We have deliberately set out to create a work environment and a culture that enables work/life balance, genuine fun and collaboration. We’ve jokingly been referred to as the Hotel California because people who come here seldom ever leave. We must being doing something right.

What does this mean for clients? Well simply it’s stability, knowledge, guardianship and let’s not ignore relationships. For anyone thinking about joining us? It’s about creating the most kick-arse place we can so people can do genuinely satisfying and rewarding work with a great bunch of people who are like family.

Airi Sutherland
Digital Producer
Likes; Larry David, pasta, politics, and cold Peroni at the beach

Airi Sutherland, Digital Producer Profile Image

Amie Spence
Account Director
Likes; West Coast beaches, Interior Design, Laughing till it hurts and great food and wine.

Amie Spence, Account Director Profile Image

Clare Waldron
Group Account Director
Likes; Odie, My vegetable garden, Horse riding, Tattie scones & Snow

Clare Waldron, Group Account Director Profile Image

Conan Gorbey
Operations Director
Likes; My girls, silly jokes, cooking, cycling, Le Creuset frypans

Conan Gorbey, Operations Director Profile Image

Craig Pethybridge
Executive Creative Director
Likes; Street art, Pranks, Puzzles, Inventing, Daydreaming

Craig Pethybridge, Executive Creative Director Profile Image

Damien Knowles
Senior Creative
Likes; Swimming at the beach, taking an extra slice of cake, full fat milk and everything about Italy.

Damien Knowles, Senior Creative Profile Image

David Hutchens
Account Director

David Hutchens, Account Director Profile Image

Lord Denny Monk

Lord Denny Monk, Retoucher Profile Image

Dom Antelme
Creative Director
Likes; Family, Old school skateboarding, tattoo's, the ocean and Rock n Roll.

Dom Antelme, Creative Director Profile Image

Dori Stevens
Office Manager
Likes; My little family, Jack the black lab, Getting lost in a book, Feasting with friends and Eagles of Death Metal

Dori Stevens, Office Manager Profile Image

Duncan Blair
Creative Group Head
Likes; Dark ales. Dark music. Dark humour

Duncan Blair, Creative Group Head Profile Image

Fernando Hart
Director | DOP

Fernando Hart, Director | DOP Profile Image

Gareth Moon

Gareth Moon,  Profile Image

Hadley Petraska
Account Manager
Likes; Ice cream, Holidays, My dogs, Home decorating and Laughing loudly

Hadley Petraska, Account Manager Profile Image

Ian Sweeney
Creative Director
Likes; Nothing

Ian Sweeney, Creative Director Profile Image

Iva Trifonov
Creative Assistant
Likes; Photography, Travelling, Illustration, Polaroids and Daydreaming

Iva Trifonov, Creative Assistant Profile Image

Janelle Herrick
Senior Creative
Likes; Tyre swings in Puriri trees, a challenge, home made waterslides, architecture and new orchards laden with fruit.

Janelle Herrick, Senior Creative Profile Image

Janisa Parag
Head of Planning
Likes; The classic Kiwi Bungalow, Juliette Hogan, Supreme Coffee, 5 Day Test Cricket, Pearl Jam ‘93

Janisa Parag, Head of Planning Profile Image

Jen Sievers
Senior Designer
Likes; Colourful things, Painting furniture, Lenses, Sunlight and My baby girl

Jen Sievers, Senior Designer Profile Image

Jerry Beale
Social & Cultural Strategist
Likes; My children, Empty beaches, Mountain-tops, Fresh coffee, Acoustic music

Jerry Beale, Social & Cultural Strategist Profile Image

Jess Standidge
Senior Account Manager
Likes; The Coromandel, Cooking, Stormy beaches, Villas, Typography

Jess Standidge, Senior Account Manager Profile Image

Joseph McAlpine
Senior Producer

Joseph McAlpine, Senior Producer Profile Image

Josh Morrice

Josh Morrice, Videographer Profile Image

Kate Lennon
Digital Account Director
Likes; Good food, Great chat, Daydreaming, Jewellery design and My Dog Cooper

Kate Lennon, Digital Account Director Profile Image

Kayleigh Martin
Content Curator
Likes; global adventures, swimming in the rain, climbing mountains, musical exploration and books, glorious books (the paper kind).

Kayleigh Martin, Content Curator Profile Image

Kevin Schluter
Digital Design Director
Likes; Family fun, Surf missions, Spontaneity, Italian food and the odd IPA (or Otago Pinot)

Kevin Schluter, Digital Design Director Profile Image

Mardo El Noor
Motion Designer

Mardo El Noor, Motion Designer Profile Image

Matt Dickinson
Managing Director
Likes; My family, Cricket, Music, Fishing, Eating and drinking

Matt Dickinson, Managing Director Profile Image

Matt Ellwood
Creative Technologist
Likes; Inappropriate jokes, Putting my foot in it, Martins Bay, Things that just work.

Matt Ellwood, Creative Technologist Profile Image

Matt Heays
Head of Design

Matt Heays, Head of Design Profile Image

Matt Procter
Account Executive
Likes; Summer, Basketball, Waterskiing, Eating out and Chocolate Ice-cream

Matt Procter, Account Executive Profile Image

Melissa Chardet
Art Director
Likes; Playing games, Watching movies, Science, Japanese food, Leonardo DiCaprio

Melissa Chardet, Art Director Profile Image

Nigel Sutton
Likes; Summer, my crazy lovely daughter and road trips.

Nigel Sutton, Producer Profile Image

Olivia Knox
Likes; Fresh flowers, Fashion, Salty ocean air, Travelling, Quirkiness

Olivia Knox, Designer Profile Image

Oscar Fernandez
Industrial Designer
Likes; Rock ’n’ roll, beating Scott at table tennis, a good lager, dinosaurs and precision measuring equipment.

Oscar Fernandez, Industrial Designer Profile Image

Pete Hansen
Senior Editor
Likes; Oldschool motorcycles/cars/music/fashion

Pete Hansen, Senior Editor Profile Image

Peter Koopman
Senior Web Developer
Likes; Bass, Jazz, Wine, Travel

Peter Koopman, Senior Web Developer Profile Image

Rachael Macklin
Senior Creative

Rachael Macklin, Senior Creative Profile Image

Samara van der Valk

Samara van der Valk, Producer Profile Image

Sara Pethybridge
Account Manager
Likes; summertime, dancing, family, chocolate & good books

Sara Pethybridge, Account Manager Profile Image

Sarah Chernishov
Senior Art Director

Sarah Chernishov, Senior Art Director Profile Image

Sarah Pethybridge
Consultant | CRM DM Loyalty
Likes; Likes; MAC make up, Frodo (my cat), Brightly coloured flowers, Waiheke Island, Mexican food

Sarah Pethybridge, Consultant | CRM DM Loyalty Profile Image

Scott Moyes
Likes; Rugby league, Kumara fries, Ginger beer, South Park and Terrible puns

Scott Moyes, Copywriter Profile Image

Sean Wakely
Likes; Sports Cold Water Swims Summer Dad’s olive paste Pina Coladas Sports again Lemons Dad Jokes

Sean Wakely, Creative Profile Image

Sophie Smith
Account Director

Sophie Smith, Account Director Profile Image

Steve Kane
Managing Director

Steve Kane, Managing Director Profile Image

Tash Vranjes
Studio Manager
Likes; Summer evenings spent outside, Makeup, Tattoos, Cheesy 80's music, Laughing

Tash Vranjes, Studio Manager Profile Image

Winnie Dumell
Production Manager

Winnie Dumell, Production Manager Profile Image

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We’re always looking to meet clever, inventive, passionate and talented individuals who can expand and improve what we do.

So if that’s you, let’s chat. Any defined vacancies at True will be posted on our blog and Facebook page. But even if nothing is showing, we’d still like to hear about you.

Send your details to [email protected] - you never know what's around the corner.

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