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Air New Zealand—Global Brand Campaign

We got travellers excited to fly again.

Dave Selfie

Overarching insight

Most people don’t enjoy flying long-haul. The flight is something to be endured before your holiday can start. So we developed a global brand platform, ‘A Better Way to Fly’, to show travellers that with Air New Zealand, your holiday experience begins the moment you get on board.

To tell our story, we developed two charming characters who could build an emotional connection with our audience, but also deliver destination and product stories:

Dave the Goose (voiced by Australian Bryan Brown). He used to do all his own long-haul flying, but since discovering Air New Zealand, he has found a better way to fly.

Pete the Kiwi (voiced by New Zealander Sam Neill). Like any Kiwi, he knows there’s no place like home, and wants to help others discover all the great things New Zealand has to offer.

Pete Sam Neil 2
Dave and Bryan
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