ASB | Brand Evolution

ASB | Brand Evolution

Brand Identity
Multiple Campaigns

ASB had a design system that was dated, impractical and delivered almost non-existent brand attribution. True were tasked with solving each of these challenges as well as bringing to life their positioning of helping New Zealanders progress by keeping them ‘one step ahead’.

ASB Financial Literacy


Financial Literacy is a growing issue facing the next generation of New Zealanders. Only eight percent of New Zealand students are in schools where financial education is compulsory compared to the OECD average of 28 percent. And in those schools where financial education is taught across the curriculum, 10 percent of New Zealand students were taught less than four hours a year. ASB Bank wanted to be recognised as the leader in helping New Zealand children and their parents build their confidence and capabilty with money and finance and set them up for the future.


We introduced the world to Hana, a clever Kiwi kid whose sidekick Clever Kash was a digital money box in the shape of a yellow elephant.

Together Hana and CK put their heads together to invent ways to earn money and save it for their goals. Hana & CK were rolled out through the line across all channels including broadcast, OOH and social as well as in-school teaching aids. The success of the campaign saw these two distinctive brand assets stretch into sponsorship of the All Blacks and Black Ferns. Following the conclusion of the AB’s activity ASB had record numbers of sign-ups for its Youth Account.

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