ANZ Premiership Netball

Posted by Sarah Chernishov

We know our rugby players are incredible athletes because we’ve seen them train. We’ve gone behind the scenes to see what other sports they do in preparation for their game. We’ve watched them put in the hard yards.

Well what about our netballers? We’ve never showed Kiwis just how much effort is put in before the big games. All we see is the game, the uniform, the result.

It’s time to reframe people’s perceptions of netball. Time we showed people that the players aren’t just little girls having fun on the court. It’s time people can immerse themselves in a national netball competition again and feel unapologetically one-eyed about their team.

Made From More separates the player from the ‘dress’. It positions the new competition as more of a spectacle. It promises the audience a whole new level of entertainment.

With its new format, more teams and more intensity, the ANZ Premiership is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. So throw away your expectations of what netball is.


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