Grabaseat's 10th Birthday

Grabaseat's 10th Birthday

For Grabaseat’s 10th birthday we went big. Really big. With a 1.2 tonne birthday cake constructed from 1722 individual sponge cakes, 400 litres of icing and millions of hundreds and thousands. We filled it with dozens of prizes including domestic and international Air New Zealand flights, and then we invited the country to grab a spoon and dig in to win prizes. 

The enormous cake made headlines around the country, and Grabaseat made a heap of new friends on social media with more than 5000 new followers and more than half million views on Facebook and YouTube.

Then on Grabaseat’s 10th birthday sale day, the party-goers came back for more, and grabbed incredible deals on seats all over the world making it their biggest sale day ever, doubling last year’s birthday.

Just goes to show, everyone loves cake.

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