NZ Cricket: Action & Antics

Selling the action and antics at every game

NZ Cricket: Action & Antics


In 2012, we needed to promote the BLACKCAPS vs. England in-bound tour campaign and drive ticket sales. At the time, low rankings and internal shuffling of players was causing controversy in the media. This made it hard for us to feature the players in our advertising.



We unearthed an insight that said a large part of the entertainment at cricket matches comes from the antics in the stands, rather than the game itself. With this in mind, we developed a concept using the funny sights and sounds of the matches to increase awareness and attendance. We supported this with tactical social media and even had an alternative commentary on radio Hauraki to reach those who wouldn’t normally get excited by cricket.

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The campaign increased year on year sales by over 50%, a particularly remarkable result considering the context of the BLACKCAPS performance.

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