Tickled Pink

Transforming business performance through alignment and happiness

We transform business performance through alignment and happiness.

When it comes to shifting people’s outlook and creating willingness to work together to create stand-out results, nothing works like happiness. And nothing creates the same powerful, collective desire to succeed like a universally shared purpose.

Tickled Pink helps businesses transform their performance and culture by focusing on 2 outcomes.

Creating happiness

How can every single member of your organisation experience a sense of happiness and personal achievement during each working day? Using a carefully structured, customisable process, we gauge the current levels of happiness among your team. We find out what makes them happy as individuals and how we can spread this through your workplace teams for greater effect. Then we explore what changes – in focus, expectations, culture, structure and your workplace – will amplify this effect. The result is a notable shift in the mood and performance attitude of your entire operation.

Discovering your critical purpose

Whatever product or service is at the heart of your organisation, how does this truly change people’s lives? The answer may lie in your product. But as with many organisations, it more likely lies in the ripple effect that your product or service creates when it’s put to work in your customers’ lives. Somewhere indelibly linked to your operation and output is a greater reason for being. A part-functional, part-altruistic reason that when identified and clearly articulated, becomes the critical purpose that unites your entire organisation. It gets each person out of bed every workday keen to apply 100% (or more!) of their talent, energy and passion to whatever it is they do for you.

Through a highly participative set of workshops, we identify this along with the authentic values that sustain it. Then we work together to align your entire around this, ensuring each person in your team experiences happiness through their role in delivering it. As a result, productivity goes up. Staff loyalty increases. Decision-making becomes easier. You attract better staff and keep them longer. And your business’s success is fuelled daily by an authentic culture and values that everyone believes in.


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