True signs up to Enviro-Mark

New Zealand’s original environmental certification program.

Posted by Matt Ellwood

True signs up to Enviro-Mark

A lot of our clients at True have made pledges towards healthier, safer and more sustainable workplaces. More and more, consumers are looking to buy and spend their money with brands that are conscious of their surroundings. Here at True, we feel that it is time for us to make a pledge as well. As of January this year we are proud to be Enviro-Mark gold certified. 

“We want to show our clients that we are committed to being as sustainable and environmentally-friendly in all aspects of our day to day activities.  This is a way to show our clients we mean business.”

So what is an Enviro-Mark certification? Well, Enviro-Mark is New Zealand’s original environmental certification program. It provides member organisations a structured pathway for the development, implementation and maintenance of a robust environmental management system, or EMS. An EMS is basically a “way of doing things” in an organisation that can lead to improved beneficial environmental outcomes.

Enviro-Mark certifications are not just about recycling, it is also about being aware and looking after the health and safety of employees from First Aid (training and kits) through to employee inductions.   

You can read more about the gold certification here, and view our environmental policy here.

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