Where to next for Air New Zealand?

Where to next for Air New Zealand?

Where to next? 

It’s not a literal question. It’s more like a mantra. 

There’s no doubting us Kiwi’s are a unique bunch. Perhaps it stems from being alone in the big blue. Our showy Antipodean cousin is just next door and we do have a sprinkling of colourful Pacific Islands a few short hours flight away, but essentially we’re alone out here. And this means we do things our way. The Kiwi way.

Not land-locked by an assortment of countries or contrasting cultures, we’re not so easily influenced by the outside world. Not that we don’t look. We’ve always looked. That’s how we got here in the first place. Our natural drive to explore, invent and enjoy, keeps pushing us to ask ‘Where to next?'

Air New Zealand’s first brand campaign in 8 years is a declaration of that unique spirit of adventure. It began almost a year ago, on a journey that had us asking the nation what it means to be a Kiwi. Insight gleamed from research and testing touched our hearts and minds and helped guide this emotional piece with honesty.

The three spectacular films take you around the world in 90 seconds on a tapestry of adventure. They are a true reflection of the national psyche and a visual interpretation of how the brand feels - setting the tone for what’s to come.

‘Where to next?’ is a heartfelt love letter to New Zealand. A love letter penned to those on home soil and to those exploring distant shores, to those with roots extending back to the first arrivals and to those newly born into these fertile lands.

This is not a campaign. It’s the start of a movement. A movement toward a sustainable approach to business. A movement to bring the brand home. A movement of compassion and care. This is a brand on a sincere and honourable flight path to help Kiwis everywhere achieve their own ‘Where to next?’.

True would like to thank Director Kevin Denholm, Exposure, Producer Michelle Delaney-Jensen and Blockhead for their incredible collaboration on this. With over 70 hours of footage captured across 5 countries, the team truly worked tirelessly to ensure an authentic story was delivered. Thanks also goes out to Gin Wigmore for recording the powerful soundtrack and of course to Air New Zealand for making it all possible. 

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