WOW: Social

Using social media to deepen engagement

WOW: Social


2013 was a landmark year for WOW, marking 25 years since their first show. 

They wanted to leverage their 25th year anniversary with a social media campaign that would create awareness, inform and engage, and drive ticket sales in the 12 weeks leading up to the event.

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We created a content-based Facebook and Pinterest campaign that took users on a virtual journey through the 25 years of WOW shows over a 12-week period.

Starting in 1987, we travelled through time revisiting two shows each week with a combination of incredible photos from WOW’s archives, old performer profiles and flashback posts. 

We leveraged the content to invite feedback and encouraged participation with quirky quizzes, contests and photo sharing via Pinterest. 

To avoid simply pushing out messages, we also created two custom Facebook apps to encourage ongoing interaction by testing users’ knowledge of our posts and rewarding them with tickets to WOW.

We promoted the campaign solely through eDMs to WOW’s database.


During the Facebook campaign ‘likes’ soared by 57%, comments were up 135% and shared content rose 31%, compared to the 12 weeks preceding.

The 2013 campaign was also a huge success when compared to the results of WOW’s 2012 Facebook campaign. 

We increased ‘likes’ by 176%, increased comments by 42% and saw 28% more content shared.

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