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ASB Classic—Brand Design

An ASB Classic come back

After two years of Covid cancellations, the ASB Classic was back on Auckland’s summer calendar.

We needed to give the event a new identity to capture attention and shake off the shackles of overly corporate-looking sponsorship.

The saturated colour palette of the court and the ball informed our dynamic, motion-first approach to typography. The negative space in the ‘A’ of Let’s Play forms Auckland’s iconic Skytower.

ASB Classic Lets Play
ASB Classic assets

The weather didn’t play ball, but our punchy new brand campaign and stellar lineup of players ensured we still managed to sell out 15 of 20 matches.


ASB Classic 12
ASB Classic 9
ASB Classic 6
ASB Classic 1
ASB Classic 10
ASB Classic 5
Lets Play Horizontal
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