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Warner Bros. Discovery—eden Channel Identity

Defragmenting a fragmented audience.

Eden squiggle

Discovery was launching a new lifestyle TV channel with an intelligent mix of information and entertainment.

But how do you attract audience share in an ever-more fragmented category, as New Zealanders’ viewing habits change?

We worked closely with the Discovery team and media partners PhD to interrogate Kiwi cultural codes, global cultural currents, and audience data insights.

We landed on a strategic proposition that was all about finding joy in the moment and elevating everyday experiences.

eden is all about bringing that little extra excitement to everyday life.

Finding new ways to inform, engage, and surprise. We created a playful, approachable type set, with a system of shapes and colours that never quite do what you expect. The tagline promises a channel that brings “a better everyday” to your world of entertainment.

Eden 2
Eden 3
Eden 4
Eden 5
Eden 7
Eden a better everday
Eden 8
Eden 6
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