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Ellerslie Events—Brand Refresh

Turning an events brand into the main event

Ellerslie Events needed a comprehensive overhaul of their brand architecture, design, and digital touchpoints to boost their reputation as Auckland's best events experience.  

We conducted extensive research within the industry to gain valuable customer insights, which informed a new strategic positioning and brand architecture for our design approach.

This Ellerslie Events project was part of a broader update of the entire Auckland Thoroughbred Racing brand that we were working on at the same time. We established a new unified font approach to connect all the brands in the ATR stable, including the Ellerslie Events wordmark, and introduced a serif font for Ellerslie Events headlines to lend an added edge of sophistication.

The result is a flexible and user-friendly design system that translates elegantly into the digital space, with improved UI/UX to deliver a seamless customer experience - all in the name of helping people celebrate all together, their way.

Ellerslie Events logo
Ellerslie events Business Cards
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