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NZ Hops—Nectaron® Product Design & Launch

We helped science and art collide. 

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The new Nectaron cultivar from NZ Hops needed to launch to brewers with a strong brand identity.

The hop was born from combining a rich history of growing with innovative modern techniques. Science meets art. So, our approach was to combine two or more distinctive elements to create something you’d never expect. Sweet pineapple and bitter hop, 1800s-inspired scientific sketchwork presented in modern colours and detailed technical data in unexpected typefaces and layouts.

A custom logotype evoked tropical aromas while nodding to our South Pacific heritage. A vibrant, vivid, intense colour palette packed almost as much punch as the hop itself. All of which gave Nectaron a distinct brand identity in the tough-to-crack international craft brewer’s market.

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Crafted and refined over 17 years.
Crafted and refined over 17 years.
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