Cheers Sober Self Chatbot

Cheers Sober Self Chatbot

We’ve all done it.  Promised ourselves we’ll “only have a couple drinks tonight” … and “get home at a decent time”. But then the good times roll, followed by some regrettable behaviour.

What if there was a way to talk yourself out of that behaviour during your night out? We only listen to ourselves anyway, right?

This story details how stunning insight combined with the latest technology drove campaign success and broke category conventions. In doing so we changed the behaviour of 3,900 young adults, getting them home safely – making their night out one to remember.


Our strategy

Have a real-time conversation with young Kiwi adults during their night out; In a way that ‘speaks’ to them, using a platform or channel they consume actively, and by delivering a solution more exciting and beneficial than those few last drinks!


Once our audience had made the decision to go out, our chance to influence them was limited. We needed to own the closest possible touch point to their night out. We needed a channel that was ever present that night and engaged with by our ‘night outer’. 

The mobile phone. No one goes out without their mobile. 90% of young adults told us this was their life force.

But we couldn’t just blast mobile banner ads out.

We needed a platform within their mobile that we could have a conversation through. We turned our audience’s life force into a behavioural change tool that might just save their night out – and their lives. 

The Idea

We all want to have a night out to remember – that is, a night we actually remember.

And a day after that isn’t full of regrets.

What better person to remind you to drink sensibly than your ‘sober self’?

Introducing the Sober Self Bot – the world’s first drink driving campaign that would send night-outers messages from their sober selves.

To help our audience plan their night and help them stick to their guns created a utility to that reminded them of that plan when they needed it the most.

We created a chatbot through Facebook Messenger where people could plan their night out by setting their own curfew and send their future (drunk) selves a message that would remind them to stick to it. 

With this idea we weren’t telling people to stay sober all night. No, we’re all for people having fun and enjoying themselves safely. This was about helping people make and stick to the smarter decisions they made when they were sober.

Once users began chatting to the bot, it prompted them to send encouraging messages to themselves to drink responsibly and get home safely with Uber.

When our ‘night outer’ chose to leave on time, a simple click within Messenger would help them get home by taking them straight to their Uber account.


The nice bit- the Sober Self Bot would incentivise leaving with a 25% Uber discount.


The clever bit- The Uber discount only lasted 15 mins. Encouraging them to stick to their word.


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