Cheers Sober Self Chatbot

Cheers Sober Self Chatbot

We’ve all been there before. Promising ourselves we won’t overdo it tonight. That we need to be home before a certain time. But after a few drinks, you forget all that and end up going too hard.

To help people stick to their guns and go home when they said they would, we got people to send their future selves a message via Facebook Messenger to go home early for an Uber discount.

With this idea we’re not telling people to stay sober all night. We’re all for people having fun and enjoying themselves safely. It’s about getting people to send a message to themselves before they go out, while they’re still sober. It’s all part of the planning phase, helping people make smarter decisions and to go home when they said they will.

At the 2018 Effie Awards the Cheers Sober Self Chatbot took out Silver for Most Effective Use of Technology and a Bronze for Most Effective New Product or Service. 

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