NZ Hops | Nectaron®

NZ Hops | Nectaron®

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Nectaron® is the tropical lovechild of science and art, manifested as a hop and celebrated through design and digital experience.

Its distinctive passionfruit/pineapple characteristics imbues a sweet flavor sensation that has captivated the hearts and palates of brewers and connoisseurs alike. Its uniquely punchy characteristics are expressed outwards from its core visual identity and brought to life through vibrant typography, colors and hop-infused Spotify playlists.

The Sound of Nectaron

The Sound of Nectaron® is an open invitation to brew your own sonically infused playlist. Using the Spotify API, we simulated a digital brewing process that produced the perfect balance of energy, speechiness, valence and danceability - using your music tastes as the main ingredients.

Whether you’re consuming, brewing or even just breathing, there’s nothing quite like a perfect playlist to pair it with.

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